Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting down to it!

so i have finally decided to actually use my blog for posting stuff like i was supposed to, as opposed to letting it collect virtual dust! what prompted me to to do this after a 4 year hiatus? an 8 month old baldie in my life named tarun vedam a.k.a. chutku. i realized a few months ago that i would eventually forget all of the cute (and not so cute) stuff he did when he was a baby - eeeks! what on earth would i do when i got upset enuf to wallop him? or when i wanted to know what he did when he was a day old or week old or 3 months old or whatever?

so i have now resolved to capture all that i can remember from the time i learnt that i was pregant with him, starting with the pregnancy story - he will want to hear it one day and i want to make sure i tell it to him right!

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