Thursday, February 1, 2007

i miss you DD

those were the days...the golden days of DD programming -

  • of Malgudi Days - the lilting, melodious title tune & the exploits of swami and his friends. simple. timeless.
  • of Karamchand Jasoos - who can forget the carrot-munching detective and his seemingly airheaded sidekick kitty...the words 'Shut up Kitty' have never been uttered with more flair!
  • of Street Hawk - the man...the machine...street hawk!! the show which introduced hi-tech gadgetry to tv...kudos.
  • of Buniyaad, Hum Log, Nukkad, Humraahi - those long running serials which the mature audiences were hooked to. the current never-ending saas-bahu serials are not even a patch on the likes of the old dd serials. ghanshu bhikari, khopadi, devaki, masterji, laajoji...all characters that have left indelible imprints on my mind...
  • of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi - the show that gave us the unforgettable dialogues: '30 years ka experience' and 'yeh kya ho raha hai'!
  • of The World this Week - prannoy roy was an instant hit with his polished accent and crisp reading of news and events across the globe. i used to eagerly wait for the entertainment news during the last 5-6 minutes of the show.
  • of Chitrahaar - the only show which aired the latest film i used to love to sing along. of course, most of the lyrics used to be all wrong!
  • of Indradhanush - introduced the then unknown world of comupters and cloning. i specifically remember the food capsules - these would magically transform into the dish you want to eat...yum!
  • of Fauji - first and biggest crush! :-) shahrukh rocked the show...and my life in equal measures! i wasn't quite sure whether to rejoice or mourn when he and babe he fancied got trapped under the parachute...heh!
  • of Pacchpan Khambe Lal Deewarein - such an adult show. also the root of my second largest crush on an indian tv show hero...aman verma was totally drool-worthy (as gross as that sounds!!) in the show.
  • of Wagle Ki Duniya - quite a funny show. there was also the added charm of wagle's mannerisms and characteristics (and escapades) being very similar to my dad's mannerisms and characteristics.
  • of Surabhi - renuka shahane's winning smile and siddharth kak's impeccable language, along with the format and presentation of the show were quite the hit.
  • of Star Trek - my childhood resemblance to dr. spok earned me the infamous nickname of mrs. spok (why mrs. i wonder - i could not have been more than 6 yrs old when i earned the bloody title which continues to haunt me to this day. i, very thankfully, don't bear the remotest resemblance to spok now!)
  • of Trishna - the wonderfully indian adaptation of pride and prejudice. what fun!
  • of Udaan - the title track was lovely and the serial was one of the many inspiring shows that aired on dd in those days.
  • of Chunauti - a brilliantly simple depiction of the struggle with drug addiction. a wonderful way to spread the social message.
  • of Vikram aur Betaal - betaal's long tresses were rather fascinating, i must say! heh!
  • of Ramayana and Mahabharat - epic serials. epic entertainment.
  • of the Spiderman and He-Man cartoons - the show tunes of 'Spiderman! Spiderman! Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman!' and 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' were anthems unto themselves.
  • of Rajani - a great method of spreading the message of consumer awareness.
  • of Vyomkesh Bakshi - the unbeatable detective played to perfection by rajat kapur.
  • of Qile Ka Rahasya - what an anti-climactic ending after building up all that suspense!
  • of Honi Anhonee - demystified the unexplained in a rather interesting manner.
  • of Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne -some of the episodes were very average but some were absolutely hilarious. for some reason, the episode i remember very vividly is the one in which mungeri lal dreams of becoming batman (!) with a weird song called 'Batman, Chamgadar Batman' playing as the intro to his character. heh!
  • of Tamas - brought out the brutal realism of the partition. i remember it used to air rather late in the night.
  • of Turning Point - there hasn't been a better way of learning science since...
  • of Lifeline - Jeevan Rekha - the title tune was soooo apt. and the series provided a fairly realistic insight into the lives of doctors.
  • of Kashish - very mills & boon type but quite a hit with me in those days!
  • of the indian Jungle Book - 'Chaddi pahen ke phool khila hai'...need i say more!
  • of Phatichar - a hilarious serial with pankaj kapur in the lead role.
  • of Flop Show - the hit show that introduced jaspal bhatti's comedy.

the list can just go on endlessly. jaane kahan gaye woh din...they just don't make serials like that anymore. damn crass commercialism.

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